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Communicate Back And Forth With FaceMessage

We’re glad to introduce the next winner of our Free App Poll - FaceMessage by RRAA INC! Available in the social networking category, the app allows users to send Video Messages to anybody from an iPhone with video capability. With its built in camera and 3G/Wi-Fi connections, all a user does is record their message, hit send and their recipients will receive it instantly, no matter where they are in the world. With the aim to become one of the primary ways to communicate for iPhone users, the first 3 FaceMessages are available for free, and update is available for a one-time fee of $3.99 with no in app advertising. 

FaceMessage is a great way to communicate back and forth without relying on live face-to-face communication or connections especially for military families, as active personnel can send messages to their families back home in moments, and their families can reply so next time they check their messages - there will be a video from their partner and/or their children! FaceMessage allows message recording, as well as enables users to create their own video records; updating them on a daily basis with updates on any news, vacation diary or anything they like!

Despite bringing multiple benefits to individuals, Business can advantage from FaceMessage too. The app can be successfully used for sending a video memo to staff, a sales pitch to a client; or a personalized thank-you to customers. 

The only constraint is that FaceMessage is iPhone supported platform only. To receive and view a FaceMessage efficaciously, your recipient must have FaceMessage installed on their iPhone too. However, if they don’t; there are three useful options to invite a friend to download FaceMessage: text, email or invite a Facebook friend. Below you’ll be able to find the additional features FaceMessage offers:

Group Messaging
FaceMessage allows you to send Video Messages to multiple recipients all at once. This is ideal for sending party invites and for corporate announcements/memos.
No Additional Charges For International Messages
There are no charges if your recipient is based out of your home country. As long as your friends have FaceMessage installed on their iPhones they can receive and send you video messages anywhere in the world.
Facebook Connect
The app can connect with your Facebook account and allow you to easily upload video messages to your Facebook wall or your friend's wall.
Auto Log-in
No need to log in again and again. FaceMessage will automatically save your login information and will log you in every time you use FaceMessage.
Contacts Integration
FaceMessage will automatically access contacts on your iPhone so you don’t need to add contacts the boring way.
Offline Messages
Users will never miss a message with FaceMessage. If you are offline or if your iPhone is turned off, your new messages will be stored on our servers so that the next time user logs in to FaceMessage, she can view all received Video Messages.

FaceMessage is available in the Apple App Store For Free. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later to be fully functional.

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