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Google Chrome For iOS Is Finally Available!

The second day of Google I/O, annual developers’ conference, brought number of notable announcements not only for Android users, but for those keen on iOS too! The delegates and attending developers, as well as tech geeks from the whole world watching the keynote online, were informed that finally the Google Chrome Browser has been released for iPhone and iPad, and is already available in the Apple App Store for FREE!

The Google Chrome browser is world’s one of the most widely used ones, with millions of people already using it on desktop and notebook computers, as well as Android powered smartphones. iOS users have been restricted to Apple’s Mobile Safari or other alternative browsers on the App Store, with no official Chrome version available to download till now.

The browser brings multiple benefits to iOS users, promising an excellent tabbed browsing experience that offers unlimited number of opened tabs. Allowing users to browse with its famous lightning fast speed, iDevice users can now benefit from full Google account services and synchronization of data across multiple devices registered under the same account. Incognito browsing is also available, offering the same capabilities on mobile version, as the desktop version does in connection with the private browsing options.

The thing to note is that Google Chrome for iOS will provide more consistent web browsing experience across the multiple devices to millions of users, eliminating the need to flick between Chrome and Mobile Safari. According to the VP of the Chrome division at Google, Brian Rakowski, who demonstrated the browser at Google I/O, Google Chrome does indeed give Mobile Safari a healthy competition on the same platform.

However, there is one unpleasant thing to consider- sadly, users won’t be able to use Google Chrome for each and every link that requires a web browser to be opened, while Apple doesn’t allow iOS users to set any other browser as default apart from Safari, which is invoked automatically instead of the browser that may appeal to you more. Anyway, those involved in jailbreaking are able to alter the default browser settings.

So as mentioned above, Google Chrome for iOS is available in Apple App Store for FREE  and requires iOS 4.3 or later to be fully functional.