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iPhone 5 Rumored Design Reaffirmed

Despite the fact that iPhone 5 is not expected to debut at next week's WWDC, we’re still getting closer to the suggested release date in October. Being close enough to make assumptions, the rumors jump from each and every direction. The latest one is the video suggesting a taller, two-tone design of an iPhone 5, reaffirming the previous rumors.

We've already seen multiple sources aiming toward an extended 4-inch display to be featured in the upcoming iPhone by Apple, which were lately improved with video of the supposed front panel for this larger device. With the intention of completing the general picture, today's video modestly puts the suggested design as a question instead of a statement.

The device demonstrated in the video seems to match the leaked images we’ve seen previously, featuring a smaller dock and a headphones jack located at the bottom of the device. This reposition doesn’t really appeal to the majority of users, as it created a bit of inconvenience holding a device upside down while listening to music. Despite the inability to consider any of these pieces of conditional confirmation imposing yet, the video seems to show an increasingly clearer picture of what an iPhone 5 may look like. 

The width of the new iPhone suggested in the video is approximately the same as iPhone 4S. However due to the added height there is plenty of space for the rumored four-inch, 16:9 display. Moreover, Apple seems to be mixing up its SIM card tray design, as the significantly smaller SIM card slot is demonstrated in the video, suggesting that the redesigned nano-SIM is even closer than we thought. What do you think of the suggested iPhone 5 device demonstrated in the video below? Unless Apple violates its usual release patterns, what seems to be quite unlikely, we are not going to actually have a look at the new iPhone till then…