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iPhone 5 To Feature New Wi-Fi Chip And AirDrop Capabilities

We have just come across the updates that iOS 6 will bring a renovated App Store, iBookstore and iTunes Store, and, moreover, an innovative 3D mapping app, but the up-to-the-minute murmurings are allied to the tangible part of the upcoming iPhone and are focused on the motive power of the phone itself – the processor. Reports have it that Apple, all set to manufacture the New iPhone or an iPhone 5 as it may be called, is planning to manufacture the device with the Broadcom BCM4334 radio chipset on board! Although the name does not tell you much about the processor capabilities, there are number of significant advantages for the device owners to come soon!

Broadcom positions BCM4330 as a perfect processor for mass market smartphone devices. Being an augmented replacement for the BCM4330 which currently powers the iPad and iPhone 4S, the BCM4334 model will bring substantial space and power savings for the fruit company, thus benefiting the end customers as well.  As for the specs, Broadcom BCM4334 is dual-band single-chip offering, requiring ultra-low power consumption. The drastic reduce of power usage when both active and sitting idle is due to the 40nm process technology he manufacturers have been changed from the previous model design and build processes.

Moreover, the chipset is said to feature an 802.11a/b/g/n radio with an onboard FM radio receiver and support for Bluetooth 4.0 as well. Attributable to the fact that BCM4330 is a combination processor a next-generation switching technique is also supported, allowing streaming with Wi-Fi Direct as well as network connections.

On top of the Broadcom processor inclusion, the most recent reports also put forward that Apple will comprise an AirDrop-like feature in the upcoming iPhone. Officially introduced with OS X Lion, AirDrop is basically a tool allowing files to be dropped from one compatible Mac to another on the same network. So if Apple materializes the technology in its next iPhone as well, the benefits will definitely be substantial.

It seems the speculations will never end, till we actually see the device. With WWDC just a week away, not long is left to wait till iOS 6 is unveiled and we’re able to see at least an initial sight… As for the hardware the next iPhone will feature, we will have to wait a little longer till Apple unveils the truth…Anyway, with the available space on the devices being one of the chief factors manufacturers are looking to implement, the Broadcom BCM4334 inclusion does not seem to be too far from materialization…