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Latest Instagram Update Enables To Share Photos You like directly On Facebook

It’s almost 3 months since Facebook acquired Instagram, so the tighter integration between the two social networks has been fairly expected. With the latest update that hit Instagram recently, users are given the ability to automatically share photos that are liked in Instagram directly to their Facebook feed.

Regardless the easiness and the convenience it may bring, majority of users found the update useless, as besides the other zillions of things your friends do and like and you don't really care about seeing on your news feed, now the posts about the photos they like on Instagram are added as well, scamming your feed as never before. 

However, the update has a bright side as well – the Sharing feature is opt-in, so with a bit of luck, majority of your friends won't really discover it and decide on to enabling it. Nevertheless, one more bothersome thing  except the sharing likes that no one cares about, is that the photo authors do not have an option to resist their photos being shared on Facebook when someone likes them. This privacy issue may lead to some undesirable consequences, as many of the users intentionally choose to post a photo to Instagram that they don’t like to share either on Facebook or Twitter.

Despite the most discussed feature of automatic Facebook sharing, the Instagram update to the version of 2.5.0 brought handful of other improvements, including:

Revamped profile tab;
Search for users and tags in the Explore tab;
Improvements to commenting;
User search autocompletes based on people you follow;
Visual improvements;
Speed optimizations.

Additionally, there is one more notable change omitted in the release notes – if you hold down on the camera tab, Instagram will jump right into your Camera Roll. However, you get placed at the top of your Camera Roll, meaning that oldest photos appear first. So it turns out that accessing Camera Roll the original way may still be faster in case of having it loaded with a solid amount of images to scroll down to get to the most recent photos.

Anyway, despite the much criticism, we still recommend you to try the latest version of Instagram, available in the Apple App Store for Free. We’ll be glad to hear your opinion on the latest update, so you’re welcome to sound off below in the comments!