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Learn How To Enable Passbook In iOS 6

One of the most captivating iOS 6 features that Apple publicized at WWDC was the new Passbook application which is essentially Apple’s first attempt to go at a digital wallet. However, the app has been broken in iOS 6 developer Beta unfortunately. Luckily, there is a way discovered to activate Passbook In iOS 6 successfully by following several easy steps listed below:

The thing to note before getting started is that the tutorial is written for iOS 6 Beta 1, but if you’re an early adopter already running beta 2 update Apple has just released, you’re still welcome to try.

First of all you’ll need to launch Safari on your iOS 6 device and navigate to This website allows you to create Passbook passes with NO CHARGE at all. Don’t start customizing the card’s info according to the several fields that appear, as it works if you just leave everything as default and press Create.

After tapping Create, a pass preview will pop up. You need to press the Add button available at the top right hand corner and the open the Passbook! That’s it!

Apparently, the passes aren’t usable for anything. However, it’s still great to take a look at this brand new app and play around; moreover, it seems to be done quite well. Check the video spread over the we recently and once you get your app enabled, do not forget to come back and share your impressions!