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New iPhone 5 Rumors Arise

According to the reputable sources, the upcoming iPhone 5 will no longer feature 30-pin dock connector present in older iDevices, but will come with an all-new 19-pin solution instead. Being just months away till the tech-industry agreed date of October, one thing is beginning to appear to be a dead inevitability – the iconic dock connector is expected to see a sure revamp.

Moreover, despite the rumors about the reshaped body, there has been a huge buzz about all-new design for the dock connector, present ever since the third generation iPod has become the music-playing monster.

The infamous tech blog has seemingly self-sufficiently confirmed that Apple is definitely substituting its 30-pin connector with a new, 19-pin solution that is visibly smaller than the current effort, contributing to the valuable space both inside and outside for the next iPhone.

Videos have already been circulating that appear to show the new iPhone’s shell, along with a smaller dock connector. With the reflection in some solid tech-blogs, the rumors have gained some more weight, despite the fact that previously they were treated as nothing more than a rumor.

It’ll be no earlier than October till we know for sure just what the Cupertino Company has up its sleeve. However we all would be glad if Apple joins the rest of the free world and jump onto the micro-USB bandwagon.