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Organize Your Life With Fun And Style

Moredays HD  is an application that will help you plan your time, make the plans real, write down important things and share them with your friends in a funny way and with maximum simplicity! By downloading the app you’ll get a diary, planner, scrapbook and notebook, all in one! Being the first time management tool which is based on images and graphics, Moredays enables users to organize their lives with doodles, pictures and funny sketches as you’d be using a paper planner. The Facebook Poll  winner app unites the elements of digital planner and organizer and the scrapbook tools.

With Moredays HD you can:

Plan Your Life - organize your life the cool way, try out the simplest and easiest way to plan your life;
Save Your Memories - there's plenty of interesting stuff coming in the future, but we also have lots of great memories;
Use Photos, Sketches, Videos - why not use tons of great photos, videos and other media to plan our time and store our memories?

With our lives full of photos, doodles and drawings, it seems somewhat awkward to use the digital planners and organizers that just focus on pure text. Moredays allows you to categorize your items with colorful stamps and plan your days with pictures and sketches. With the organizer as fun as Moredays, you’ll look forward to noting down any upcoming event or meeting, as well as create notes about good memories you’d like to never forget. Below you’re able to find an incomplete list of Moredays HD features:

Record events, tasks, notes & contacts;
See daily agenda beautifully laid out;
Add new items quickly from any screen; 
Save to inbox & decide on type later; 
Includes 60 beautiful sketches;
Add pictures from iPad's gallery;
Categorize items with fun stamps; 
Add notes & location to any item; 
Syncs with web application; 
Specifically designed for iPad.

Moredays HD is available in the Apple App Store  for free and features full support of Retina display and for a camera roll on all iPad versions. Moredays is promised to arrive on iPhone and iPod soon too, while yet it is only available for iPad running iOS 5.0 or later. 

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