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Plan, Record And Share Your Rides With Maps 3D

Ever wanted to find a guide that would help you design all outdoor activities, including biking, hiking, running and travelling? You no longer need to search, as there is a perfect app for planning, recording and sharing your rides or routes with your friends – meet Maps 3D - GPS Tracks for Bike, Hike, Ski & Outdoor by movingworld!

Available in the Apple App Store for just £1.99, Maps 3D helps to get oriented outside of the road system by utilizing a precise elevation model as well as maps from OpenStreetMaps and OpenCyclemaps. The app also enables you to download any desired map section into your iPhone and use it when offline - since an internet connection may not always be available. With the advanced ability to point out lakes, rivers, mountains and hills, roads, paths and other landmarks Maps 3D guarantees you choose right direction and plan a precise route, so you never get lost even in unfamiliar terrain.

By combining NASA scans of the Earth's topography with THE outdoor map OSM, precise (!) altimeter displays your current elevation at any time. Moreover, Maps 3D imports routes including stopovers and records and analyzes them, which are of great interest to athletes and hikers. Once the trip is over, the app allows sharing the whole route via e-mail to your friends and family. You can find the Maps 3D feature list at a glance below, with the new features highlighted:

Worldwide 2D and 3D maps in offline mode;
GPS orientation for all outdoor activities - hiking, cycling tours, horseback riding, skiing;
Track recorder with real altitude data;
Trip computer with all key data;
Maps from OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap, 340 skiing regions worldwide;
Download the destination region at home prior to your trip in the desired resolution via Wi-Fi;
Selectable Points of Interest (POIs) are place and street names, mountain peaks, lakes, beaches and other landmarks;
Import and create waypoints;
NEW: Waypoints can be linked with pictures within the app and published together with the trip;
NEW: Share routes with photos on Facebook, Twitter and by email;
NEW: Define intermediate destinations and use them as orientation points;
NEW: Take your tour in both directions using ReverseTrack;

The primary functions of Maps 3D include loading maps in advance over Wi-Fi or 3G with no further Internet connection needed thereafter; recording routes by GPS for coordination and exact elevations; evaluating routes including all information on the trip with elevation and speed profiles and using bike computer so all key tachograph data becomes available at a glance.

Maps 3D features English and German languages and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 3.1.3 or later. Check the video guide provided below (unfortunately this is only available in German yet) and do not hesitate to have your say.