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Possible Siri Augmentations- Changes iOS 6 May Bring

The launch of Apple’s most discussed voice assistant technology along with the iOS 5 has disappointed many iDevice users, as Siri was announced to be a feature exclusive to the iPhone 4S. Despite many attempts to make it work on the older iDevices, the Cupertino Company has proven that older devices are unable to support the voice-activated feature. Many have expected March event to bring a new iPad inclusive of Siri, but their dream never came true. However the new iPad brought a bunch of fantastic features including a quad-core GPU, iSight camera, Retina display and LTE. 

According to the recent updates in the current active iOS 6 watch, the wish of many may soon be granted, as some major augmentations are to be implemented with Siri. The rumors may have steamed after Tim Cook’s recent speech in a TV show, teasing the possible updates to Siri Apple is currently working at. The fruit company CEO promised that we all will be happy to see what Cupertino Company plans to implement with its boasting voice assistant. Much regarding Apple’s in-house maps service, the sixth edition of Apple’s iconic mobile operating system is now widely expected to bring Siri to its market-leading tablet. Some sources even claim to have tested the iPad version of Siri and it works just as smooth as the iPhone version. Siri is currently said to be tested on an iPad 2 and the new iPad, as Apple is planning to use the voice assistant as a decider in order to boost sales of the costlier model.

As for the other rumored augmentations iOS 6 may bring to Siri, the most speculated one is the number of languages it will speak. Many claim that Apple’s voice assistant needs to learn at least 6 other languages to catch up with Samsung’s S Voice, implemented in the latest flagship Galaxy S III. For those unaware, Siri currently understands Japanese and English languages only, while the S Voice boasts with the polyglot abilities, speaking total of 8 languages… Anyway, multi-lingual voice technology will definitely increase sales of an iPhone 4S, appealing to those untapped markets that are neither English, nor Japanese speakers. 

However, these all seems much to be speculations rather than the actual plans Apple’s been working on, so all we’ve left to do is to just be patient and wait for WWDC to see what the Cupertino Company actually has to demonstrate.