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Single Ladies With iPhones, Time To Get A Boyfriend Of Your Dream!

We’re glad to introduce the next winner of our Free App Poll - My Virtual Boyfriend Lite by Wetproductions! This 3D, dating simulation game with a humorous twist enables ladies over 17 to choose one that suits them best out of hundreds of boys, all with unique personalities!

In order to progress with the guy you choose, make all the "right" moves. The app features several ways for you to interact, including dialogues, actions, activities and even touch! In a lite version of the app there are 10 levels of gameplay, each of which unlocks a new dialog, actions and activities you are able to perform to progress. As you earn achievements on your way by making the right moves with your chosen one, you win the game. If you do wrong things with your virtual boyfriend, the consequences are relatively wrong - he may even break up with you! However, just like in real life, there an endless supply of guys for you to start fresh! Below you’ll find the incomplete list of the My Virtual Boyfriend Lite features: 

10 levels of progressive game play;
100's of men, Each with his own expressive personality and appearance;
Zombie Boyfriends;
Interact with him via gestures, actions, activities and by touch;
Several actions and activities you can do together;
Personalities that mirror typical and often funny, male behaviors;
Hundreds of lines of clever and funny dialog keep it entertaining;
3D graphics allow you to navigate the camera for 360 degrees of viewing;
Interact with him via touch;
And many more... !

My Virtual Boyfriend Lite is available in the Apple App Store for FREE! The app is compatible with Phone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 3.1.3 or later to be fully functional. So take one home today – he’s free and looking forward to starting a wonderful relationship with you!

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