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Steve Wozniak Clarifies What Is Wrong With Siri In A Video

Known not only for being one of Apple’s co-founders alongside Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak is more popular for never being shy of telling his honest opinion about Apple products, not always showing them in the best light. The cases of Woz switching to Lumia 900 and his confession about Android being better  prove that Steve never deforms the truth (of his own).

The latest feature to become the subject of Woz’s criticism has become Apple’s digital assistant and current iPhone 4S star feature Siri. Being overly limited since its release in October of last year, Siri was announced to become available for other devices too, as Apple has declared with the introduction of iOS 6 at this year’s WWDC. Despite the new iPad support, Siri in iOS 6 has already received those updates hanging on the top of every iDevice user wishlist. However, it seems Woz he really is not a fan of Siri, at least not in the form the software is right now.

According to Woz, he was a great enthusiast of Siri before the software was adopted by Apple, but since Fruit Company picked up Siri though, Woz hasn’t been so keen. He says:

“I would say, ‘Siri, what are the five largest lakes in California?’ and it would come up, one, two, three, four, and five. Ask Siri the same question post-Apple though, and he would "get all these lakefront properties" in return.” However Woz thinks that Siri will receive some much needed improvements in the right direction with the addition of iOS 6 later this year. Check the full interview with Steve Wozniak provided below and do not hesitate to have your say.