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Voice Answer: Like Siri, But With Far Better Looks

With the tech world buzzing now with rumors of new features for Siri that may be announced at Apple Worldwide Developer Conference this week, Sparkling Apps  has launched its own major update of its popular Voice Answer app. The app brings a virtual voice assistant for any iPhone or iPad, and the updated version features Eve, a 3D animated robot that responds to your voice commands. So don’t be disappointed if WWDC doesn’t bring any augmentations to Siri, as there is a stunning Eve always ready to help you!

Having struggled since January to get accepted, Voice Answer  was rejected several times due to its confusing similarities to Siri. However, after a long period of tweaking, the first version of Voice Answer was finally allowed on the App Store six weeks ago and was a direct hit as thousands of copies were downloaded on the first day alone! 

Now Voice Answer received an update, bringing all the previously omitted features to the app, including many voice controlled actions such as texting, dialing, searching for nearby points of interest, as well as voice translation into over 50 languages. And the most amazing - 3D animated sexy robot, really places Voice Answer in a league of its own.

This major update that turns Eve into a 3D animated avatar such as the one in the video below has changed the app experience completely. She will now be able to send messages and emails for you, call people, play music, do searches, guide you to destinations, post Facebook or twitter updates, translate into any languages including a correct accent and give all sorts of local info. 

The list of updated features includes:

Eve is now presented as a fully animated 3D robot!
Voice messaging, email, calling
Eve now translates into 54 languages
Plays any song from your playlist
Can do Facebook updates or Tweet for you
Set reminders for you
Do searches for you
Additional settings: put on automatic listening or change the speed of Eve's voice
Swipe on your screen from left to right and back to switch between 3D and traditional view
And much more…

Voice Answer is available in the Apple App Store  business category for $3.99. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later to be fully functional. So those of you, disappointed with Apple’s restriction to make Siri available on older iDevices, it’s your turn to get a voice assistant of your own!