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White iPhone 5 Mock-Up Spread Recently

With the whole tech world being pretty assured as to what the upcoming smartphone by Apple will look like, actually based on the leaked parts, numerous mock-ups have been created by the talented designers so far, testing their intuition and demonstrating the creativity. 

Almost everyone is sure that the iPhone 5 will come in two colors- as it has been till now. Despite the fact that the possible iPhone 5 images have been spread from every direction, majority of them have been demonstrating the black one. This time we have a white version of an iPhone 5 mock-up to share with you – the renders created by the tech enthusiast.

Arguably the device displayed on the images looks quite similar to the current iPhone 4S, which is in turn the same as the iPhone 4. Anyway, one with a smart eye can easily distinguish the differences including the larger screen, repositioned headphone jack, chrome unibody and altered speaker design.

Although the images are with no doubt fake, the fact that they’re based on leaked parts as opposed to simple rumors and imagination, we may be looking at the final product itself, expected to arrive sometime this fall. So check the images provided below, we’re eager to gear your opinion about these renders in the comments!