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Apple Products Starring In Hollywood Movies

Along with the celebs owning Apple products in real life, the iDevices dominate Hollywood movie industry as well.  Overshadowing all of its competitors in the technology sphere, the product placement strategy of Apple seems to be no different. Apple-branded products have appeared in one-third of all number one films at the US box office since 2001 till today. This means that iDevices star in 124 top movies out of the 366. 

Apple’s product placement “unboxing” is considered to be the short Macintosh placement in 1986's Short Circuit, followed by the placements in Mission Impossible and Independence Day in 1996.

Carrie Bradshaw also picked up Apple device as her constant companion in Sex and the City. The latter is considered to be the most influential Apple product placement of all time and moreover, probably one of the ten most influential product placements of all. This was when Apple realized to flip its logo upside down too.

In order to maintain the balance, Apple has become the choice of undersexed Twilight after featuring the oversexed Sex and the City series. Regardless the fact that Bella’s computer is originally described as an "old" and "second hand” in the book, the movie let the millions of rabid Twilight fans know that she uses a shiny new MacBook and an iPod.

Aiming to highlight its "Think Different" motto, and to position itself as a lifestyle choice for young women, Apple has placed its iBook in Legally Blonde as the choice of Elle Woods. Moreover, Wall-E owns an iPod too, emphasizing the fact that Apple’s brand association is so strong; it can easily influence a film in which its products barely appeared.

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks have both chosen Apple computers in You've Got Mail. However, the 21st century’s "You've Got Mails" - Something's Gotta Give and It's Complicated have proved that aging baby boomer representatives have too gone online for romance. Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton demonstrate web-chatting ease with their Apple MacBooks.

Apple’s outstanding performance in the product placement field has stimulated its competitors to try and catch up. Sony Pictures has struggled to achieve a complete elimination of Apple from its films in recent years by replacing it with Vaio-branded notebooks at every opportunity. However, regardless the attempts, Apple's onscreen casting appears almost impossible to match. Even though HP has signed a substantial product placement contract for product placement in Sex and the City 2, a MacBook and an iPhone still star in the final film.

Check the gallery after the jump, demonstrating Apple’s successful product placement examples that we’ve  mentioned above. Don’t you think Apple deserves an Oscar for it's bit in the movie industry?! Do not hesitate to have your say in the comments below!