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Become The Next App Star - Introducing App Idol

After two years of reviewing the latest and greatest iPhone and iPad apps, iPhone app review website iPhoneAppCafe are launching their very own ‘App Idol’ competition, in which all entrants are in with a chance of getting their app developed by leading development company Locassa, as well as winning the $1000 prize money.

On Wednesday 11th July, the competition page will be open for anybody with an idea for an app to submit their idea in written form, with the hope that they will be shortlisted as one of 20 finalists who will then be asked to produce a video of them explaining why their app idea should win this incredible opportunity.

The finalists’ submissions will then be handed to a panel of esteemed judges, including successful young entrepreneur Chris Maddern, Locassa’s CEO Simon Lee, iPhone Life’s Editor Alex Cequea and rags-to-riches bin man-turned-successful app developer Rob Shoesmith, who will determine the final outcome.

Once the winner is announced, they will begin work with Locassa in developing the app, along with the invaluable feedback and mentoring from the app entrepreneurs on the panel of judges.

The app itself will receive an enormous amount of publicity and marketing on as well as our partner sites and will be promoted to the combined social media followership of 100,000+ followers of our high profile judges; the winner will also be featured on and circulated to their 100,000 newsletter subscribers.

iPhoneAppCafe’s editor David Harfield says that, “Since iPhone apps have been such a huge part of our professional and personal lives for the past few years, we thought, who better than us to try and launch the next big success story?! We’re very excited about giving a new app developer the opportunity to realize their dreams.”

You can check further details about the App Idol here. We wish you luck!