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Celebs Spotted With Apple Devices (Photos)

Don’t you think it’s a right time to take a little break from the daily routine and unwind with some chatter from the world of the celebs? Can you guess what do majority of the rich and famous have in common? Check out a ton of pictures after the jump demonstrating celebs spotted with an iPhone or iPad!

If you happen to have spotted a celeb with the iDevice who we have missed mentioning below, do not hesitate to tip us at, so we’ll definitely include him/her in our next roundup!

Adam Levine
Jennifer Aniston

Lady Gaga
Ashton Kutcher

Hilary Duff
Ashley Tisdale

Dustin Hoffman

Hayden Panettiere
Hilary Duff

Jack Black
Jake Gyllenhaal

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Garner

Katherine Heigal
Kelly Rowland

 Lady Gaga again
Megan Massacre

Miley Cyrus
Molly Sims

Nicole Kidman
Olivia Wilde

Renee Zellweger
Amanda Seyfried

Vanilla Ice
Zac Efron

Alyssa Milano
Demi Lovato

Lindsay Lohan
Justin Biber

Reese Witherspoon
Megan Fox