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Detailed Guide To iOS6 – Improvements, Tricks, Hidden Features and Many More…

Since the very moment of iOS 6 banners exhibition several hours before the WWDC 2012 took start in San Francisco, the latest OS by Apple is probably the most awaited update for iPhone users. Regardless the fact that iOS 6 is yet available only for developers and it is uncertain when the update will be available for the end users as well, the topic still remains quite heavily discussed. So we think it’s quite timely to introduce the detailed guide of iOS 6 features for those who can’t wait till the update notification appears on their device.

Apple’s iOS 6, previewed at WWDC day 1, adds over 200 new features to the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. You can check the list of updated features right here. If interested, you can compare this list to the feature wishlist we’ve made before the iOS 6 official announcement.

Soon after the announcement, the latest iOS beta version has been made available to the developers to try out. Soon the developer accounts were updated to the iOS 6 Beta 2, followed by Beta 3 in about three weeks. You are able to check the iOS 6 screenshots provided by the developers to get the overall feel of the upcoming update, highlighting almost every updated feature.

Once you’ve previewed the list of the improvements the iOS 6 brought, it’d be reasonable to now check which of them are available for your region, as the feature accessibility changes according to your location.

If you’re lucky enough to discover that the updated digital voice assistant is available for your country, you’d probably like to learn all about Siri improvements in iOS 6. For more information about Siri tricks, tips and just useful information, check the bundle of useful tips we’ve gathered up for you.

The intense rumors about iOS 6 ditching Google Maps appeared to be true, as Apple introduced the updated Maps app of its own with the latest iOS. You can learn everything about the Maps in iOS 6 and get amazed about its outstanding capabilities!

One of the most captivating iOS 6 features that Apple publicized at WWDC was the new Passbook application which is essentially Apple’s first attempt to go at a digital wallet. With the app being broken in the developer beta, we’ve covered how to enable Passbook manually in one of our previous posts.

Regardless the resonant iOS 6 launch, some features of the Apple’s latest iOS still managed to remain silent. To keep you updated even with the tiniest changes, we’ve published iOS 6 hidden features in two parts. (Part 1; Part 2)

And one more thing you may be intrigued with – did you know that the gay and lesbian couple emoticons have been added in iOS 6? Now you know.

This is all by now. Please note that the article is subject to updates as more details are to be unveiled about the iOS 6 with its official launch day approaching.