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Get The Latest Siri Features Brought By iOS 6 On Your iOS 5 Devices

Apple has introduced one of the most incremental updates on WWDC 2012 this year. iOS 6 has brought handful of incredible features most of iPhone users dreamed of. We’ve already covered most of the improvements and even provided the complete guide to iOS 6 to our readers, but since the latest iOS is yet not available for the end users, the best iDevice owners are able to get so far is the iOS 5 (except the developers, of course). So we thought it’d be quite timely to search for alternative ways of getting the best iOS 6 features on your devices powered with the previous iOS versions.

Surprisingly, most of the top Siri features listed in the iOS 6 keynote have already been available for iOS 5! Despite the fact that they may seem less sophisticated and a bit scattered, the performance is still present! So check carefully how to get some of the top Siri features on your iOS 5 devices right now!

iOS 6 has brought major improvements to Siri, including the understanding of sports-related questions and advanced searching in some newly-added countries. However, these features have already been available via tweaks from Cydia.

You’re able to get the answers to your queries related to NBA, MLB and NHL stats, scores and timing from Siri via SiriSports tweak, available for free from Cydia under ModMyi.

As for the local search, users from unsupported countries are able to install International Locations for Siri via BigBoss repo for just $0.99 to get the feature.

Moreover, you can also teach Siri to Tweet for you by following 8 easy steps clarified in one of our previous articles.

For those looking forward to getting Siri for iPad since the launch of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, it’d be quite useful to learn that their quest is over! Regardless the fact that Siri has finally made its way onto the iPad with iOS 6 introduction, the feature is said to be only available for the latest iPad owners.

No need to worry, though, as there is a tweak called Spire, introduced by the jailbreak community for those disappointed users who own older iPad models running iOS 5.0.1 or earlier. Moreover, it’s not just the first and second generation iPads, but Spire also supports iPhone 4, 3GS and the iPod touch!