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Increase Your Sales With Mobile Via Movylo Free Deal Creator!

We’re proud to introduce the winner of our Weekly Free App Poll – Movylo free deal creator! With the mission to help people sell via mobile, Movylo is a SaaS platform that allows merchants to create a mobile store optimized for all phones and to boost sales with real time marketing campaigns.

Movylo free deal creator allows you to engage with your customers, attract new ones and boost your sales via creating your own store and blast out time limited impulse deals via mobile and in minutes! 

The proposal looks even more attractive when considering the fact that 74 million consumers in the US already shop from their mobile devices and the sales volume of $9 billion was generated through mobile purchases last year alone! The app provides total mobile platform solution, with all 5 B –steps, including:

Building – mobile store for all smartphones, and your own customers’ database.
Blast – expand your reach via QR codes, SMS, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.
Buy – increase your sales via mobile payments, PayPal or credit cards, or in-store payments.
Brain – analyze real-time results and purchases data via mobile intelligence.
Begin Again – once analyzed, learn from what has worked and repeat again with new deals, offers and promotions!

The customized features of Movylo free deal creator suggest the most effortless way for you to make your mobile business successful. Incomplete list of the app capabilities include:

Creating your account with no need for credit cards, fees, coding or commitment required;
Upload your Movylo free deal creator in bulk, individually or via API integration is available, making them to look intriguing to customers.
Set the Look and Feel of your store – via mobile themes available according to your own taste. You can make it look like your web store or create a brand new one for mobile. The themes can also subject to customization.
Setting Billing – you are free to choose how to bill your customers: PayPal, credit cards, phone sales with coupon and click-to-call, geo-targeted coupon codes and maps for in store billing.
Promote your deals – your products can easily be turned into mobile deals. The flexible platform allows you to create the Deal of the day, or a special 2-hour deal, the latest arrivals and much more to help make mobile shopping an impulse purchase.
Analyze – the results to better understand what your customers on mobile like, what they buy and how they make their choices.

The Movylo free deal creator is available in the Apple App Store For Free! The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 4.3 or later to be fully functional. So, go and grab the app and increase your sales with mobile!

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