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iOS 6 Hidden Features - Part 2

We’ve just shared the first portion of iOS 6 features that have managed to stay out of the eyesight of majority of the users, regardless the resonant iOS 6 announcement at WWDC 2012. As promised, we’re covering the rest of the “secrets” the latest mobile OS by Apple comprises. Below you’ll find the changes brought by the iOS 6 that you may have missed. Let’s get started:

With the IP address tap, that has nearly entirely run dry, the web is keenly moving to IPv6 – this is a system with enormous amount of addresses to share. With this said; the support for these new 128-bit locators has been added in iOS 6.

Did you know that with iOS6 you’ll be able to learn how long your battery has survived since its last full charge? This is available on the usage page under Settings, and even counts standby and actual usage separately!

If you’re using the built-in YouTube app on your iOS 6 device, it may still seem a barely functional hunk of junk. However, it has finally become available to grab a URL of the current video from the 'Share' page!
 The Apple’s beloved Safari browser has also been touched by the update – it now allows you to have way more than nine tabs open at a time on some devices. On iPad, those web pages that can't fit on the screen are shown in a drop-down box.

Drafts can be accessed fairly quickly now, via holding the compose button in the Mail app - a handy pop-up box listing all your latest drafts will appear instantly.

The History access has also gone easier. The list of recently visited websites can quickly be displayed by holding your finger down on the back (or forward) arrows.

The handy search panel to the left of your apps - the Spotlight folders- is for finding contacts, apps and emails, and other stuff like that. Once found, it demonstrates the exact folder where the searched item is stored in.

Another great feature of iOS 6 is the availability of setting separate email signatures for each account on your iDevice. Moreover, the signatures can be edited using basic italic, bold and underline options.

And the last one for now - while you shut down the iDevice, the little spinning Retina enabled icon appears! Hope you enjoyed this part of hidden features as much as the previous one! Do not hesitate to express your opinion and share anything we have missed to mention here below in the comments.