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iOS 6 Hidden Features

Regardless the resonant iOS 6 launch at WWDC 2012 recently, some features of the Apple’s latest iOS still remain silent. We’ve covered the updated iOS Maps, smarter Siri and Facebook integration, while what you’ll read below has not yet been communicated till now!

As usual, Apple has still included numerous tiny tweaks and some incremental updates in its latest mobile OS, the majority of which may have stayed undiscovered, if not the sharp eyes of iPhone developers. Below you’ll find the pick of a 'hidden' iOS 6 features you’re definitely unaware of. However, there is one thing you should note- Apple may change some of these features before the iOS 6 is officially released to the end users.

Being obsessed with the details, Apple has included metallic sliders in the music app on iPhone and iPod. Shining on the switches, they do change as you tilt the iDevice.

The app updates are now made easier than ever before. Not quite as easy as Android auto-updates, but now you’re not prompted for your password every time you decide to upgrade.

As we’ve already covered, gay and lesbian couple emoticons are now included in iOS 6. Moreover, emoji is extended with the icons of Facebook and more animals.

Along with the complete overhaul to the App Store, Apple has introduced a total history of updates for every app, enabling users to precisely see when any of the apps installed was updated and what has been added.

Moreover, you may have not noticed that your iOS Home screen now features new app banners over the freshly downloaded apps. This is for reminding you of some oblivious features, such as to play newly purchased games.

Another tiny UI magic has been added to your mail, enabling you to refresh your inbox just by dragging the list down and then pinging it back. This feature is quite likely to be borrowed by the developers for implementing in their apps.

And the last one for now- you are now able to select any tune from your iPod library and make it act as your alarm jingle.

Hope you enjoyed discovering these “concealed” features of iOS 6. However, this is not all – the part 2 of iOS 6 Hidden Features is to come soon, so stay tuned!