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New iPhone 5 To Be Powered With Quad-Core Processor

What’s been keeping Apple in the news lately are the ridiculous rumors regarding the upcoming next-gen iPhone said to be launched in October. What we have definitely learned from the previous speculations is that the Fruit Company is playing catch-up with rivals, and the 4-inch screen rumors does verify of that.

However the rumors are to be taken with a pinch of salt, as most of the big leaks usually stem from unidentified sources. However this last one does not break the habit of a lifetime – an unspecified, but “close-to-the-matter” source claims the iPhone 5 will also be getting a mighty quad-core processor.

A quad-core processor would be fairly a smash from the existing dual-core A5 chip accessible in the current iPhone 4S, and would also bring more power than the third gen iPad, which is still only a dual-core A5X processor despite offering the quad-core graphics.

However many current iPhone 4S users claim that the rumor leaks credibility and is far from being real, as the iPhone 4S has been running for months, with numerous games and apps, yet without so much as a second of lag. Nevertheless, it is still strongly believed that Cupertino Company will opt for the A5X once again – a faster and a smoother version of the current A5 chip which would allow for charming gaming on the considerably larger screen. On the other hand, considering Apple’s ostensible push towards the larger screen, a quad-core processor in a new iPhone won’t be a great shock.

But still, even though the company seems to have moved out with the stream in increasing the display real-estate, a new processor beyond the A5X would appear like excessive leap, whereas also not being principally necessary.

With Apple’s historical trend of retaining as mysterious as possible about its upcoming products, it seems that we’ll likely only know the truth in the days leading up to the announcement of iPhone 5. Despite the fact that LTE would appear a predetermined conclusion given the new iPad implementation, the only thing we know for sure by now about the iPhone 5 is that it will be powered by and iOS 6, introduced recently at WWDC 2012.

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