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New Lifelike Images Demonstrating New iPhone In All Its Glory

With the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook claiming that he’s not going to put any energy into getting people to stop speculating, the buzz around the new iPhone has gone even further! Different sources suggest different visions, make mock ups based on the rumored specs and some of them claim to even have got their hands on the new iPhone! We’ve united three different rumors in this one article to give you the opportunity of comparing which of the designs look more appealing and realistic to you.

Check all of the recent rumor roundup about the upcoming device by Apple provided below and do not hesitate to express your opinion in the comments.

The first one shows a complete iPhone as well as various components and, of course, assumes that they are real. Regardless a few obvious design changes across the handset, we think these images could as successfully have been the iPhone 4 /4S concepts as those of an upcoming iPhone the Japanese iLab suggest they are for.

The second flow of rumors claiming to be stemming directly out of Foxconn factory suggest the purported iPhone also conforming to the widely expected design standards. The images are of quite a poor quality, making us think that they are far from being true. However, in an ever-changing tech world, we cannot except anything until we see the real new iPhone in October.

And the last one – the video demonstrating the potential housings of the new iPhone, along with providing a brief outline on some outer casings. Surprisingly or not, these one seems to be matching the look and feel of the images we've shared before. Some specs, including the familiar SIM card slot as well as the smaller connector on the bottom stress the video is not far from the current speculations, but nothing can be clarified at this right time, as Apple keeps as mysterious as it usually is before introducing the new product.