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Next iPhone To Feature In-Cell Touch Panels

With the fairly scarce information about the Apple’s upcoming smartphone, the new reports have been spread this week, suggesting that the next iPhone will feature in-cell touch panels. The device is believed to already be in full production, and as usual, Apple is trying to keep the details about the iPhone 5 as mysterious as possible.

The report we mentioned above adds weight to the previously shared rumors that the iPhone 5 will definitely will feature all new in-cell touch panels. Here is an extract from the report:

“Touch panel maker Wintek on Tuesday announced that its June sales were down an unusually high 33.6 percent month over month, signaling that the company may have lost out on key orders for Apple’s next-generation products, namely a new iPhone rumored to have in-cell touch panel technology.”

According to the report, this is the largest month-over-month sales drop Wintek has seen in the last 5 years, from the time when the original iPhone debuted. So this unquestionably consents with the previous reports that Apple has employed Sony to be responsible for in-cell touch panes for its new phone. 

As we’ve enlightened before, in-cell touch screens are considerably thinner than the existing on-cell panels.

In case of Apple using the in-touch panels, the Cupertino Company will be able to add an LTE radio, a bigger battery, and other advanced components to the next iPhone and not compromise the slimness of the phone in any way.

However, we cannot be sure in anything until the iPhone 5 is officially available. So we will have to wait till October of this year, when the sixth-generation iPhone is widely expected to land.