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PowerPoint And Outlook Apps For iOS Are In Works

It seems we’ll soon get the Office suite of apps for iOS. The image of a supposed early build of the software has been published back in May by multiple trusted sources, and now we get a few hints of the iOS version Microsoft Office to be in preparation. The job listings posted earlier this month at Microsoft careers website is what initiated these rumors once more. The job statement says the company is looking for a software engineer on the Outlook Test team to work on Microsoft’s next move on the Mac and on iOS. Moreover, there is another job listing on the PowerPoint Test team too.

With SkyDrive, OneNote, etc., that are already available for iOS devices, could benefit from office integration a lot, but strangely the listings specifically look for someone to test Outlook/Powepoint on Mac and iOS.

Despite the fact that these postings are far from the proof, there is still a hope that the full versions of the immensely popular productivity suite are on their way to Apple’s mobile platform.

Check the two images provided below and do not hesitate to express your expectations in the comments!