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Apple’s September 12th Media Event To Bring The New iPhone, Two iPods And iPad Mini

With no official announcement by Apple regarding its upcoming media event or the new iteration of the iPhone, the rumors claim that the company is definitely planning both! With reputable sources demanding that Apple’s special fall event is scheduled for September 12th, the majority of the tech-blog-sphere big players have also confirmed the rumors. 

However, there are some deviations on the date- some state that the event is planned for the week of September 9th – with Wednesday to be the day the new iPhone is unveiled, traditionally. With the obvious ramping up for a big fall product cycle by Apple, the recent spike in the company’s prepayment for inventory components was spotted, suggesting that the prepayment for inventory components raised $1.15 billion sequentially in the June quarter. With such a huge increase, it is almost doubtful that Apple is getting ready for a big product launch — or even several of them

Maynard Um, analyst at Wells Fargo Securities commented: “Historically, such increases have been followed by a solid ramp-up in revenue in the following 2-3 quarters. In our view, an increase in inventory component prepayment may suggest that Apple is securing supply for potential new product launches.”

Along with the intense speculations about the media event date, the recent rumors suggest that Apple could be planning to introduce a whole host of new things to the world, not just only the new iPhone. The same event is said to bring a refresh for the iPods, with a new iPod touch and nano hitting the stores. The iPad mini unveiling possibility is as high as before, with the analysts claiming that Apple plans to monopolize the holiday season market.

What are your suggestions/expectations/predictions? Do not hesitate to sound off in the comments below!