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Beautiful iPhone 5 Concepts We All Wish To Be True

With the September 12th media event rumors, the new iPhone seems to be closer than the previously suggested October arrival date. The anticipation reaches its peak, with the fans from all over the world struggling to take a look at the upcoming device by Apple. However, the Cupertino-based company remains as silent as ever, with no single official word about the next generation iPhone.

The muteness of Apple is no constraint for creative designers, however. We’ve been suggested multiple iPhone 5 concepts by different sources, all claiming to be true. Nonetheless, a smart eye can easily distinguish a mockup from a real concept. Anyway, there still are some suggestions that we know are pretty far from what Apple is about to unveil, but would be quite nice to be true! Check out the images provided, demonstrating what the new iPhone would look like and do not hesitate to express your opinion in the comments below.

One of the earliest iPhone 5 concepts  popped up just 3 months after the iPhone 4S release! Kris Groen has shown us his vision about the new generation of Apple phone, with no home button and a larger display.

The next one we’d like to mention is the gorgeous iPhone 5 concept, demonstrating a handset that is loosely based on the existing iPhone 4S model. However some creative modifications are added, changing not only the hardware details, but the overall design of the new iPhone as well.

The concept video  provided below demonstrates all the beauty of a possible a new 3.9-inch display the new iPhone is widely suggested to feature.

This concept by Antoine Brieux once more demonstrates how French adore aesthetics. Being probably the most beautiful and delicate mock up ever, very few would complain if Apple designers manage to make the upcoming device look anything like this. However, haters gonna hate.

Stressing the importance of the slimness in smartphones, be honest this concept seems neither worthwhile, nor innovating. However, it suggests the larger screen and a dedicated app that will change the colors of the LED-edge accordingly.

Contrary with all the previous iPhone 5 concept designs we’ve seen so far, this one suggest the next iPhone to follow the conventional form factor seen its predecessors- the iPhone 4 and 4S. This concept is strengthened with an argument that iPhone will find it easier to compete with Android with a larger screen and a smaller dock connector .

For those keen on smartphone photography, the iPhone Pro concept by Choi Jinyoung reveals will leave even the highest-end Canon and Nikon models far, far behind.

Brought to you by LA-based 3D artist Mike Ko, this 3D iPhone concept video  will definitely make you wonder how wonderful the movies and videos would be if our iPhones supported 3D!

Inspired by a few far out rumors which wondered on devices being made out of curved-glass, designer Federico Ciccarese  has created some renders of what an Apple’s wearable device could look like. Despite the fact that we’re 99% sure this is not even close to what Apple has in mind, this is still a beautiful concept for those keen on Hollywood arachnid movies!