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Check What The New iPhone Will Look Like In Your Hand!

With the anticipation of the new iPhone, we can hardly escape publishing at least one mockup a day- that’s the nature of Apple’s upcoming products. Along with the numerous beautiful iPhone 5 concepts we all wish to be true , the recent renders demonstrate how the next iPhone – unofficially dubbed as the iPhone 5 – would look to and feel in your hand.

Suggested specs and alterations of the upcoming device include a larger screen, smaller dock connector, re-positioned headphone jack and a rather eye-catching aluminum unibody. 

The new 9-pin dock connector has been recently spotted in internal iOS 6 Logs as well. The image provided  below demonstrates the internal information from the firmware hints at a new hardware feature called 9Pin. Despite the fact that there is nothing yet known for sure, the guesstimation suggests the spotted “9Pin” is referring to the support for the new dock connection Apple is planning to implement in its upcoming devices.

With the images displaying devices with quite a similar-to-iPhone 4S form factor, the upcoming iPhone would definitely make majority of white apple product owners revert to the black one, if the new iPhone suggested on the photos appear to be accurate illustrations of the final product.

However, there is an opposite opinion as well, claiming the new iPhone to look somewhat similar to the old AV Sony designs of that decade-like their first CD player. This does strengthen Samsung’s claim of Apple copying Sony  to some degree, but anyway, even those thinking so agree that the smartphone on the renders is astoundingly beautiful!

Check the images provided and do not hesitate to express your impressions in the comments below.