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Did Apple Actually Copy Sony?

The trials between Apple and Samsung has become quite a hot topic for discussion these days, bringing number of strange announcements, such as the UK case. For those unaware, the British judge has ordered Apple to make the ads mentioning that “Samsung didn’t copy the iPad” for the Korean company to regain its damaged reputation. This time, its Samsung who’s in trouble- after the court overruled repeated attempts to introduce the evidence at trial, Samsung has still made it available to the press.

What Samsung was attempting to prove was that internal Apple e-mails unveil that iPhones are under the influence of the “Sony Style” design. Being produced too late in the investigation process, the evidence was rejected. However the Korean Company still decided that their assumptions are valid and distributed the data widely to the press.

The most awkward part of the story is that Samsung actually wanted to prove was that “Apple industrial designer Shin Nishibori was directed to prepare a "Sony-like" design for an Apple phone (the very first one) and then had CAD drawings and a three-dimensional model prepared.” And most surprisingly, the “Sony style” design was represented not by a phone at all, but the Walkman - the NW-A1200! Samsung’s attorney literally begged the judge to allow into evidence, but was warned strictly by the Judge Lucy Koh, who was infuriated by the leak, to the delight of Apple’s legal team, and all of us, as well.

We have provided the images that have leaked from the case recently. Check them and judge yourself, do they look like something Apple might have copied?