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Handle Multiple Time Zones On iDevices With The World Clock Free

We’re proud to introduce the winner of our Weekly Free App Poll – The World Clock Free by Andrei Kolev! This free app for iOS consist of two parts- a simulated real-time view of the earth showing a day and a night time. With the images streamed from Visible Earth Project by NASA, users are allowed to browse an attractive real-time Earth day-night map which is being continuously updated. Moreover, the users can easily slide it either into the future (to the left) or into the past (to the right). Getting back to the present is made easy with the “now” button that appears every time you change to a different day than the actual date.

The free version of The World Clock supports almost every feature that the full version boasts with, including network time synchronization, time converter, comprehensive information on daylight savings time transitions, more than 192 000 populated places from more than 230 countries around the world and more. The incomplete list of the app features includes:

Option to display additional information, e.g. GMT offset, time difference, day of week, true solar time, sunrise, solar noon and sunset times for the selected locations;
Network time synchronization for sub-second precision (requires 3G or Wi-Fi network connection; corrected time and the measured time difference displayed, system time change not allowed by the OS);
Auto-update of the timezone database over the network ;
An info button, shown after tapping on the clock. Allows quick access to information on date, time difference from the current location, GMT difference, next DST transition and more;
The scrollable map which turns The World Clock into interactive time converter for different timezones;
Display 1 to 4 clocks (full version supports up to 24 clocks);
Selected places shown on the live map;
2 clock designs - 1 analog and 1 digital (the full version supports 9 clock designs - 5 analog and 4 digital);
Full screen clocks view - hide or show the map with a single swipe;
User-editable location names and many more…

Additionally, the option of adding the meetings directly to your calendar from inside The World Clock is also available. The app even allows you to set an alarm once the meeting is scheduled, reminding you about setting it before the gathering starts.

Both free and paid versions of The World Clock are available in iTunes and require iOS 4.0 or later to be fully functional.

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