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Invigorate The Spirit Of Life With All-in YOGA

For those who aim to have “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, All-in YOGA provides 300 Poses & Yoga Classes for helping individuals to transcend the self and attain enlightenment. With more than 3,000,000 people around the world using yoga apps by ARAWELLA CORPORATION , All-in YOGA app for iOS provides over 300 poses with photo, video and audio guides in HD-quality, plus 3D muscle models for EVERY pose. Additionally, over 30 breathing exercises are also available, along with the detailed how-to guides to make sure do it right from the very beginning.

This easy-to-use app with many other top features is designed for proper relaxation, stress relief, meditation, breathing and exercising. All-in Yoga is developed by expert teachers, whose guidance will help you along your way to healthy and active lifestyle with a harmonious vision of life. The app will make each day of your life complete and peaceful by achieving relaxation and revitalizing your nervous system, help you release muscular tension and tranquilize the body and mind with dozens of pre-designed programs that are available for all levels – from beginners to gurus. The programs are suitable for all goals: health, body shape, stretching, breathing, de-stressing, etc. and are even customizable, so users are offered options for quick and simple creation of custom programs by setting the order and duration of poses. Editing the ready-made programs of the app is also available for your best Yoga experience.

Extra Premium-Content of All-in YOGA includes:

20 yoga programs designed to help you improve your health!
Our professional yoga teachers will create a custom program, designed just for you!
10 music tracks for yoga workout  and 10 relaxation tracks;
Options to add your own poses to the database;
Ability to send custom poses and programs to your friends' devices.

Additionally, the app stores user’s data and programs in their personal profiles, so one app can be used by multiple users. Each program is followed by the restring period, enabling users to choose one of 3 tracks and set the duration. All-in YOGA also gives users the ability to add a track from their iPod list for better relaxation. To help you determine the right time for transition from one pose to another, there is a sound timer available. A workout history in a colorful calendar with motivational, yoga-related quotes is also available, making your yoga experience much more enjoyable. And finally, you’re allowed to share your yoga successes with your friends on Twitter and Facebook!

So go and grab All-in YOGA  right from the Apple App Store now and better understand your body’s feelings and needs; boost your energy and invigorate the spirit of life!