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Latest Images Of The New iPhone And iPad Mini Compared To Existing iDevices

With the great hope that Apple’s September 12th media event will finally bring the new iPhone along with two new iPods versions and a baby iPad, the designers are suggesting different versions of the upcoming iDevices every day.

The rumors of so called iPad Mini have been shared by the sources like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Bloomberg and Apple's unofficial PR department, so it seems the device is a sure shot. The latest mockups suggested show what the upcoming smaller iPad may look like compared to the current iPad model. The images are based on the rumored specifications: a 7.85-inch display, the new mini-dock port and a back camera. The renders are also based on an assumption that Apple will maintain its industrial design language, as it usually does.

So check the images provided below and do not hesitate to express your opinions in the comments.

As for the upcoming iPhone, unofficially referred to as iPhone 5, the French NoWhereElse suggests the image demonstrating the bottom side of the upcoming smartphone compared to existing iPhone model. The new iPhone shown on the image is indeed 7.6mm thick, which is a 1.7mm reduction on the current generation iPhone 4S. With no official proof about the credibility of  the images, the device shown features the relocated 9mm headphone jack, and is actually on the right-hand side of the bottom bezel, while it has been shown to be on the left-hand side of the device according to previously distributed renders.

With the official announcement from Apple getting closer as days fly by, what we officially hear from Apple on September 12th will eventually put us out of this endless guesstimation. Till then, stay tuned not to miss the latest speculations, news, rumors and suggestions!