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Latest iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Rumors That Make Sense

With September around the corner, the rumors and speculations about the sixth generation smartphone by apple do get out of control. Along with some claiming senseless statements, such as the iPhone 5 will be powered by Android 4. 1 Jelly Bean, there are some more significant rumors that do make sense. Some of these close-to-the-truth suggestions are discussed below more specifically.

The latest reports spread all over the internet recently claim that there will be two separate events for introducing the new iPhone and the iPad Mini. The rumors suggest that Apple is planning to introduce the new iPhone in September, while we will see the resized version of the iPad in October. There are even the concrete dates specified - the next-generation iPhone will more than likely be showcased on September 12th before going on general sale nine days later on September 21st, while the smaller, cheaper iPad Mini is expected to follow at some point in October.

This does make sense, if we consider the fact that the price for the iPhone 4S, which is the latest smartphone by Apple so far, has dropped to $148 in one of America’s largest retail outlets, Walmart. Moreover, official Apple Reuse and Recycle Program website will now offer you up to $345 for an old iPhone 4S. This is a very common method for selling out the older devices that many companies apply before the major launch of the new product.

Another significant leak suggests a completely assembled 6th-gen iPhone front panel with Home button and front camera, based on the images that have surfaced separately before. These images draw quite a clear picture of what the upcoming iPhone may look like when it finally arrives.

As for the iPad Mini, the Cupertino Company seems to be doing its best to keep the upcoming tablet as mysterious as possible. However, some still managed to identify the price tag of the upcoming tablet, which will reportedly vary from $249 to $299. With the main competitor of the upcoming iPad Mini considered to be the Nexus 7 by Google, Apple has to introduce something really exciting to convince customers pay an extra $100 for the same-size tablet, as price is what does influence purchase decisions nowadays.