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Sharp Confirms iPhone 5 Screen Shipping Is About To Start

The press briefing held by Japan's Sharp Corp held on Tuesday has brought significant news for those of us keen on the new iPhone by Apple. After releasing the latest quarterly earnings, Takashi Okuda, the new president of Sharp has declared that shipments for the new iPhone screens will start in August. 

With the upcoming smartphone widely believed to arrive sometime this fall, it seems Apple is really planning the iPhone 5 to become the market leader of pre-Christmas shopping season. Takashi Okuda declined to unveil further details, such as the specific date for the quantity of shipments.

It was recently unveiled that Apple will hold a media event on September 12th, with a major product launch expected. It is highly speculated that along with the iPhone 5, Apple will announce two new models of the iPod and the iPad Mini as well. Sharp was announced to be the supplier of Apple last year and is identified as one of the three companies working on the screen production for Apple’s latest smartphone offering. The other two companies honored to provide iPhone screens are LG Display Co Ltd and Japan Display Inc. 

After Samsung unveiled its latest flagship Galaxy S III, the speculations strongly suggest that the upcoming iPhone will be equipped with a larger screen, measuring at least 4 inches. This means that the device will be 30 percent bigger than current iPhones. However, regardless the larger size, the screen is suggested to be thinner for the sake of the so-called in-cell panels. Vie embedding touch sensors into the liquid crystal display, the in-cell technology eliminating the need for the additional touch-screen layer found in current iPhones.

With no additional particulars about the upcoming device, we suggest you to stay tuned, as the closer we get to the launch date, the more details get unveiled.