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Useful iPhone Headphone Tricks For Your Daily Use

For the majority of iPhone users the ubiquitous white iPhone headphones is just an accessory for listening to music or just look cool. Surprisingly, the headphones are much more functional than you may ever think. Read through to learn how to make the standard Apple headphones a powerful tool for controlling your iPhone!

Majority of the users are unaware that Apple's intelligent voice assistant Siri can be activated by pressing and holding the center button on the headphones. This “hidden” feature is especially useful when the device is in your pocket or bag, while Siri’s help is essential!

Additionally, the volume up (+) button can be successfully used to take a photo with the Apple's Camera app. You get the same result as if you’re using shutter release cable to avoid shaking your device when it’s mounted on a tripod. Moreover, it’s a great way for getting high quality self-taken photos of you.

Headphones can be quite useful while placing and receiving phone calls as well.

For declining an incoming phone call, holding the center button for about two seconds and then releasing it is quite enough – two beeps will notify you that the call is declined. 

However, if you wish to answer it, you can do it via just squeezing the center button. You can also hang up the call with the same gesture. 

As a final point, if you're answering a call, while the other call comes in, switching between the two is effortlessly available with an instant squeeze of the center button – hold the center button for two seconds when another call is coming in to switch to the new call and hang up the original call.

Hope these tricks make your iPhone experience even better! If you happen to have captured some other headphone-related cunning, do not hesitate to tip us below in the comments.