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Exclusive: Rare Photos Of Steve Jobs And Silicon Valley’s Early Days Finally Published

The images provided below demonstrating Steve Jobs in the rising period of Silicon Valley, were originally planned to be published in an edition of Life magazine. Captured as part of a 15-year project that began in the mid-1980s by Doug Menuez, Steve Jobs rejected the publishing plan and reassured the photojournalist to keep the images, as he’d "have fun with these pictures someday." It seems that day has come, as the shots of Jobs at lunch with Ross Perot and the NeXT board of directors, how he “delivers” a "rousing pep talk" prior to launching NeXT Computer and many more have just surfaced and are now accessible for everyone to check out.

All of the images provided below belong to Stanford University Libraries and come with a comment by Doug Menuez. The first image demonstrates Steve gives a rousing pep talk to his employees shortly before the launch of NeXT Computer while also indulging in a short rant about revenge on Apple and John Sculley.

The image below demonstrates the day when Ross Perot gave Steve Jobs twenty million dollars – it was in 1986 in Fremont, California. Doug Menuez comments:  "Ross Perot invested over $20 million in NeXT after this lunch pitch on the site of the future NeXT Factory with the NeXT Board of Directors. Even then, Steve was a consummate showman who understood the power of compelling settings. Ross was blown away. But he later said it was the worst mistake he ever made."

The next image shows Steve Jobs explaining ten year technology development cycles in Sonoma, California, in 1986. Menuez: "Steve Jobs shares with his team what he believes about how technology evolves in ten-year wave cycles. Steve hoped to ride the next wave by putting the power of a refrigerator-sized mainframe computer into a one-foot cube at a price affordable to Universities. Thus NeXT Computer began as Steve’s quest for redemption after being forced out of Apple."

The list captured in Sonoma, California, 1987 is Steve’s to-do one, made at a company brainstorming session, with a set of very difficult technical challenges remaining for his team to solve in order to complete the NeXT Computer.

The next photo comes with a following comment by Doug Menuez: "Steve had an artist’s intuitive mind with the ability to dream up new ways to combine existing technology to create something completely new. Here he is pondering a solution to a technical problem being discussed at a company offsite meeting."