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Apple Blackballs The Privacy App Clueful

In recent news, Apple has been noted to banish the privacy application called “Clueful”, by Bitdefender, from its Apple App store kingdom. The cell phone spy apps and iPhonespyware bothered by the app up until this point can take a breather for now. The company strikes Bitdefender’s privacy app in spite of the fact that the application resided in the App Store, what it would otherwise have deemed happily ever after, for over a month.

The tragedy goes something like this; Clueful was once a happy privacy app as it was to be launched in May this year on the Apple App Store as a paid app that would aid the users in terms of pinpointing the applications that were fishy or not as careful as they should be users’ personal information. Bitdefender expounded upon the launch of Clueful that it would give the Apple users a simple method of judging their various apps, quite similar to the way Android users have the ability to check application permissions locally. Regardless, the privacy app seems to have been removed from the App Store for mysterious reasons.

But why? On the surface it seems as if Apple has taken issue with the privacy app’s claims to aid its users in knowing what their iOS apps are actually doing, by its removal from the App Store and efficaciously forestalling its usage by any new users requiring its services. However, the old users who paid for the app before the crackdown will have the ability to continue its usage. In addition, Bitdefender has not been given a determinate reason explaining why the application was removed, from what it appears. Catalin Cosoi, who is the chief security researcher at Bitdefender, said in one of his statements about the company that they are working hard in terms of figuring out the reason for which their application was removed along with stressing on the development of the app such that its chances of staying up there are improved.

However, Cosoi also acknowledges that there is chance that some of the users might have been abusing the application as many application developers use the information gathered from Clueful for constructive and legitimate reasons, there can be others who do not abide the same rule. The remotion of this privacy application from App Store quite sometime after it was launched and stayed there, raises greater concerns about the submission process followed by Apple and the question as to why it was approved in the first place. One of the possible explanations may lie with the recently made claims by an ex-employee of Apple who asserts that the app review team for Apple lacks majorly in terms of personnel.

However, the app developer Bitdefender has maintained that it still obligated to continue the development of its privacy app, Clueful, and will submit the application again to Apple upon its improvement. Regardless, Clueful might no longer have much value as the new privacy settings for iOS6 are expected to be unveiled soon. What comes of the further improvement of Clueful and how relevant is it actually deemed upon the revelation of the new privacy settings by Apple, is a matter that only the future will unfold.

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