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Introducing HumStar - An Exciting Music Trivia Game

We’re proud to introduce the winner of our Weekly Free App PollHumStar Free by Tanla! This fun app will allow you to show off your humming skills and make your friends rack their brain to guess the tunes! The official app description says: “And while you needn't remember the lyrics of the songs, you can still belt them out with your confident humming, sounding like an expert in music.”

Here is the detailed guide on how to play HumStar with your opponents:

First of all you’ll need to grab HumStar from the AppStore and after a quick signup using email id or Facebook login, you will be presented with three song options selected randomly from the library with three difficulty levels of play. The levels include:

Easy Mode - in which player A supported with the original song with vocals while humming, to guess the tune right! The hum submitted to the opponent is presented with added background music for effortless playing experience. To listen to the song while humming, players need to either place the phone speaker close to the ear or use hands-free mode. In the Easy level, each player is awarded with 1 coin for a correct guess!

Medium Mode - the background music is audible while whining. The hum is submitted to the opponent with background music for easier identification. Both players are awarded with 2 coins each for a right guess.
Hard Mode – there is no assistance any more- no background music is played while humming! So your opponent will not be able to listen to the song or background music while listening to the hum. Both players win 3 coins for a single right guess in this mode!

Here is the incomplete list of the HumStar features:
Popular & hit songs in every genre imaginable;
Listen to the original track as many times as you like;
Record your humming and listen to the playback before submission;
Swap songs if required;
Get hints whenever needed;
A well-defined scoring system; 
Turn-based multi-player game;
Cool sound effects;
Suitable for everyone.

The further actions players may make use of include:
Swapping Songs - In case the player A wants to swap the presented song options to a different set of songs, player A needs to spend 40 coins for new song options.
Using A Hint - While guessing, to get a hint about the song, player B can tap on "Hint". Each hint costs the player 40 coins.
Buying Coins - Players can buy more coins from Settings > Coins > Buy more coins.

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