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Save Tiny Birds From The Fast Approaching Ice Age

We’re proud to introduce the winner of our Weekly Free App Poll – Tiny Birds Run by! This awesome physics based game enables you to merge your virtual and physical worlds together! The aim of this awesome app is to save the Tiny Birds from the fast approaching ice age by running, sliding and gliding! For those who like playing other physics-based games like Tiny Wings, Dragon Fly, Angry Birds or Temple Run, Tiny Birds Run will definitely become one of the favorite apps.

With the aim to run your best to keep the bird out of harm, the game is simple enough to get into right away. However, there are some difficult challenges that will make you, an unfortunate bird chased by the ice age, fail in case of any little fault.

The game is perfect for gamers of all ages and backgrounds, and is definitely worth your time and effort! The perfectly collect beautiful graphics, smooth animations, sweet melody and high artistry are what will make Tiny Birds Run catch your heart!

The game is Kiip enabled, allowing you to unlock many achievements as you progress in the game and be rewarded by actual prizes for e.g. a packet of crisps or a discount coupon from your favorite retail store. However, the actual rewards may vary from user to user according to Kiip Policy.

The Tiny Birds Run Features include:
9 Challenging levels;
Extremely fun Physics based game;
Real-world rewards through Kiip;
Classy graphics;
Smooth Animations;
Different outlook every time you launch the app.

So merge your virtual and physical worlds together with this amazing game and reap the benefits now! Tiny Birds Run is available in the Apple App Store for free and requires iOS 4.0 or later to be fully functional!

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