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5 Tips For Better iPhone 5 Battery Life

Battery life is what defines whether a smartphone is worth buying or not. iPhone 5 boasts with the super 8 hours browsing time on LTE and 3G, 10 hours browsing time on Wi-Fi and up to 225 hours standby time! However, some insatiably power-conscious iPhone 5 owners are still complaining about lackluster device battery life. Below you’ll find 5 easy tips on how to get the best battery life on your device! You’ll notice that these tips are not exclusively for Apple’s latest device and work with older iPhones as well, but they’re updated from our previous battery-saving articles.

The first and most reasonable thing is to get rid of push notifications you don't care about. Sent through Apple's servers by third-party apps straight to your phone, "push notifications" wear down your battery a lot. So for reserving the battery life, it’d be rational to turn them off at least for those apps that you don't need your phone to constantly check for updates from. This is done easily by navigating to Settings > Notifications and check for those apps that are in "In Notification Center". Touch those apps that are less important for you and switch Notification Center" from "On" to "Off" for each app you don't need notifications from.

It’d also be useful for you battery if you stop checking for Wi-Fi all the time. When you’re not actively checking for the wireless hotspot, turn of the energy consuming feature off in by navigating to Settings > Wi-Fi and switch it off.

We know you’re proud of your 4-inch super-bright Retina display, but despite being awesome, the screen is also a super-battery-sucking. So to save a little energy, we recommend decreasing the brightness on your iPhone and increasing the time it stays alive. This is done via navigating to Settings > Brightness and moving the bar to the left as far as you can handle it.

For those who don’t find Siri’s 'Raise To Speak' function useful ( and we know most don’t!), it can easily be disabled for good via Settings > General > Siri and sliding "Raise to Speak" option to the "Off" position. This does save your battery life a lot.

And the last tip, but not the least- the Location Services that are usually on for apps that don’t really need to be tracking your location. For your convenience, Apple allows you to choose which apps should have access to your location and which not. You can turn the feature off for unnecessary apps via navigating to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and going through the list of your apps to determine which ones should have right you know where you are. Don’t turn off "Location Services" at the top of the screen – this will disable every app from tracking your location.

We've provided screenshots after the jump for you to help follow the instructions above. If you have your own trick for increasing the battery life of iPhone 5, we'll be glad if you share.