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5 Tips For iPhone 5 Owners

If you are a fresh iPhone 5 owner, or have pre-ordered your device and look forward to getting world’s most wanted gadget, this article is just for you. Below you’ll find 5 smart tips for a smooth start on your new device. Read through and do not hesitate to use comment bar for adding your own suggestions.

Privacy is what does matter in the digital age, and thanks to Apple, it is made even easier to access and modify your privacy settings with the latest iOS. Once you get hands on your new device, first and most rational thing to do is to simply go to Settings - > Privacy and select which applications should have access to personal information and which not, and relatively turn them on/off. Moreover, there are options to control settings for those all-important Facebook and Twitter accounts – especially useful for those downloading a lot of apps, enabling to check if the apps are keeping track of them at any time.

Once you've synced your Exchange account, the next step on your agenda should definitely be setting up a VIP list to your inbox. Accessed via the Mail app, this enables users to select important people and prioritize messages the way that users will never miss important communications from your boss, colleagues, relatives and of course your crush! Moreover, users can customize the alert tone of VIPs, and the way they’d like messages from them to appear e.g. Banner notifications and more.

As for notifications, you should definitely try the newly added Do Not Disturb" mode, which will help you allows you to mute all notifications so you don't get an embarrassing notifications at the wrong time. Moreover, this feature can be scheduled, meaning that you can turn off the notifications for the same time each day by setting it once. Of course, exceptions can also be made, so the device will alert you if there is a call from any important contact. Moreover, activating this feature affects your battery life positively.

As we’ve reported previously, Google Maps and YouTube are ditched from iOS 6 completely. Despite the fact that Google Search is still default in Safari, some users still find it more comfortable to browse with Google Chrome. So although not quite a disaster, but still, it’ll be rational to Get Google Maps, Chrome and YouTube apps from iTunes, moreover, they’re free of charge.

And finally, following the Twitter integration introduced in iOS 5, it’s now possible to get the same deep level of Facebook integration as well. By syncing your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’ll be able to post images directly from the camera app, post directly to your wall from the notification menu, or teach Siri to do it for you!