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Apple’s Latest Acquisitions – Particle And Color Labs

The recent reports claim that Apple has made two major acquisitions this week – the Cupertino company has reportedly bought troubled startup - Color Labs for somewhere in the double-digit millions as well as acquired Particle, a firm specializing in the design of HTML5 websites and web apps, with the price tag kept secret.

The Particle is a company that has focused predominantly on user experience in the past. The incomplete list of its partners include: Google, Amazon, and Motorola. Despite specializing in HTML 5 website design, Particle is also behind video sharing service Some speculate that Apple’s acquisition may hint Cupertino Company shifting focus on HTML5 on its product pages iAd advertising, and on, serving as the only place Apple has true Web apps. Other options of Particle’s new functions include revoking and making iCloud web apps faster and more responsive, working on iTunes to improve the overall store experience or perhaps improving search. There are some other versions as well, but they seem less realistic.

As for the second acquisition – there’s a quite interesting story. The founder of Color Labs - Bill Nguyen- has already sold one more company to Apple previously – called Lala. With no clearly identified mission, Color Labs is believed to be acquired just for the patents it holds. Reports suggest that Color patents include one for a file format that they were working on to record HD video and six patents pending at the time of its funding, including its ‘elastic’ social graph and patents related to GPS location and battery saving. However, others suggest Apple was so impressed by the software engineering team of Color that decided to purchase the whole company…

With no official response of Apple about its intentions with the two recently acquired companies, all we’ve left to do is to see what’ll be changed from now. Till then, do not hesitate to express your predictions in the comments below.