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Check iPhone 5 Ad Series

With the launch of a completely new iPhone, Apple has released a series of ads emphasizing the amazingness of its latest smartphone. The series consist of 5 episodes (symbolically) and include the general Introduction, Thumb, Ears, Cheese and Physics. We’ve provided all of the ads below for you to check and enjoy.

The first one is expectedly called “Introducing iPhone 5” and features Jony Ive, responsible for design at Apple and Senior Vice President Bob Mansfield discussing how amazing the new iPhone is with a larger display, a faster chip, ultrafast wireless, an 8MP iSight camera, and more.

Next comes a Thumb episode, demonstrating how comfortably the new iPhone fits in your hand. The new screen size is claimed to be perfect for everything -- including your thumb. 

The following ad emphasizes the paradox in iPhone 5 that even Physics can’t explain: the biggest and tallest yet somehow thinnest and lightest iPhone yet… 

The next ad highlights the Panorama mode iOS 6 brings to iPhone camera app. We’ve already covered how to capture best panoramic photos with the iPhone 5, so enjoy the video which is simply…positive.

And the last one – demonstrating new earshaped headphones for iPhone 5, which fit and sound much better – meet the Earpods!

That’s all yet, but we hope to see some more entertaining ads coming soon, such as Martin Scorsese's busy day, or those featuring John Malkovich, Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel.