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Handful Of Cool Free Halloween Apps For Everyone

HalloWeek has finally arrived! With numerous apps available for the iPhone and iPad, you can really get into the holiday spirit regardless your age! Below we’ve covered some of the many Halloween apps, all of which are available for free and guarantee the real spooky experience for you and your kids!

Frankenweenie - developed by as reputable publisher as Disney, this app lets you upload or capture a photo of your pet and edit it on the screen with artwork and accessories to give a new leash on life! Users are even allowed to share the monstrous portrait via Twitter, Facebook or email! 

Make A Zombie - the zombies in this app are quite different with the rest of their counterparts in terms of reputation. Despite featuring with exposed brains and knives in their skulls, Zombies in the app still somehow manage to remain cute and huggable! Once you’re done creating your masterpieces, you’re allowed to share it via your social network profiles to the rest of the world!

Halloween Card Creator - for those who left trick or treating, costume-wearing and pumpkin-carving in teenage years, this app suggests to bring Halloween spirit by creating and sending greeting cards. Number of fun backgrounds, cool graphics and other customizable options are available for you to express your Halloween sentiments and with someone a Happy Hallows Eve!

Free Halloween Sounds Pro – enabling you to play endless pranks on friends and enemies alike! Evil witch laugh, a creaky door or creepy organ music is what screeches Halloween most! Enabling you to you mix and match scary Halloween sounds, the app even features a delay option for setting the scary sound and leave the room for more effect!

Halloween Costumes Fashion Fun – recommended for Adults only. For those who find it hard to decide what to wear on a Halloween fancy-dress party, this free app will provide number of great costume ideas, thus guaranteeing you to be the hottest one at the party!