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iOS 6 Hidden Features - Part 3

Notwithstanding the booming iOS 6 launch, certain features of the Apple’s most recent OS still stay silent. As it’s just being explored, we continue the series of iOS 6 hidden features – read through to learn about the unknown capabilities of Apple’s latest iOS! But before then, check the previous articles here:

Despite the number of hidden features discussed in the two articles, there are some another interesting additions to iOS 6 as well. One of such additions I the browser ability to access to camera roll, meaning that iOS 6 users are now allowed to upload photos and videos using the Safari Web browser directly. Users are now able to upload an image to Facebook via Safari, while previously this feature had been unsupported.

It’s a widely shared opinion that privacy is what really matters nowadays. For those concerned about this topic, the Fruit Company has implemented an option to limit ad tracking. This is possible via navigation to Settings-> General -> About, scrolling down to Advertising and turning on Limit Ad Tracking option by clicking.

We've already mentioned that iOS 6 allows users to set multiple main signatures, but have not said a word about the supported HTML format! Users are now able to use HTML in their signatures, meaning that links can be included without having to write out entire URLs. The only inconvenience here is that users are not allowed to write HTML within the signature field, but fortunately there is an easy copy-paste option available, allowing users to shift the code from anywhere else.

Moreover, the iOS 6 now gives the ability to add photos and videos within Mail app, while the previous versions of iOS required users to start an email using the Photo app for doing that. Now there’s an option to include pictures or videos just by tapping the message field, similarly as you’d do if you wanted to copy or paste text. Three options will be displayed with an arrow, press on it, pick Insert Photo or Video and attach the desired file.

And the last, but not the least –those who've enabled multiple keyboard languages will find this iOS 6 hidden feature quite useful. From now on, once you have a conversation with someone in the Messages app, it remembers what language you were typing in, and selects the proper language automatically for the next conversation with the same person. This means that you may have one conversation in English and the other is Spanish, with no need to switch the keyboard manually. 

That’s all by now, do not hesitate to express your opinion and share anything we have missed to mention here below in the comments.