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More iPhone 5 Tricks For Your Convenience

We've already shared several iPhone 5 tips and continue providing additional tricks for you to make the best use of your new device. Below you’ll find some simple instructions that’ll make your iPhone experience even more convenience.

Let’s start with the most problematic one – Maps feature. With much criticism the service “deserved”, Apple promised to improve its own maps. However, till the Cupertino Company keeps promise, you can make using Maps more convenient by navigating to Settings > Maps and altering the size of the label to small. This will allow you see more street names on the screen without the need to zoom in. Moreover, the layout is made tidier and despite the smaller text, iPhone 5 4” retina display makes it look wonderful.

Enable/Disable Raise to Speak Siri – if you don’t like your dialog with Siri to be heard, navigate to Settings > General > Siri and enable "Raise to Speak." Once turned on, Siri will start listening when you hold the phone up to your ear when the screen is on. Siri will respond your queries through the iPhone's earpiece instead of the external speakers, as it usually did. 

And the last one for now- about keeping your photos backed up without plugging in. With several ways to make backups on you iPhone (not necessarily the iPhone 5), this one is easiest – with no need to go through iTunes. Apple has built-in a solution for keeping your photos backed up – called Apple's Photo Stream, making makes your last 30 days' worth of photos available on almost any device. All you need to do is to navigate to Settings > > Photos & Camera and turn the Photo Stream on. After that, your photos will automatically show up on your other iOS devices and Macs. As for PC owners, they’ll need to download Apple's iCloud Control Panel, which creates a Photo Stream folder under "Favorites" in Windows Explorer.