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Tips For Awesome Panoramic iPhone Photos

With the iOS 6 camera app bringing number of updates, you no longer need to fit a gorgeous scene you come across into a 4:3 compact format! The panorama mode allows iPhone 5 users, as well as iPhone 4 users who upgraded their devices to iOS 6 to take stunning images of the exquisite view all in one shot, while capturing the full spirit of the atmosphere! Below you’ll fins dome basic, but fairly useful tips on how to take great photos with your iOS 6 device’s panorama mode, so continue reading through…

First of all, the good think to learn is that Panorama in iOS 6 is extremely intuitive and almost effortless to use, providing detailed instructions on what to do and how. It lets you take the panoramic image of 240 degrees, but remember that the longer image does not imply the better one. However, it is always better to leave some space on the edge for cropping, to better emphasize the subjects you’d like to be displayed most.

Strangely, most of the panoramic images I've ever seen are horizontal. Why don’t you think different and take vertically oriented panoramas? Just flip your phone for taking vertical panoramic image, so that the shutter button is on the right before starting your panorama, start at the bottom and pan upwards! The only inconvenience is that The UI will not adjust for you holding the phone in landscape, however, that’s not a big deal, as your panorama will automatically be oriented correctly once you’re done. 

Take images from right to left, there’s no set requirement for taking panoramic images from left to right- simply use the panorama box to switch to the opposite position!

If you call for a little bit of creativity, you’ll definitely come across some great tips for more stunning panoramic images. If you already have your own secrets for capturing awesome images with iOS 6 panorama mode, we’d be glad if you share them in the comments below.