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What To Expect From iOS 6.0.1

With the recent reports claiming the first update to the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS is in a testing stage, the huge audience expects the upgrade sometime after the holiday season. Considering the fact that 2 out of five major iPhone 5 problems are caused by the iOS 6, the expectations for the upgrade are getting greater day by day.

The most desirable improvement would definitely be the augmented iOS Maps that have disappointed many users. With Tim Cook acknowledging the issue and apologizing for the low quality the Maps deliver, it is quite likely that Apple will at least a bit improve the existing version of iOS Maps.

With many users whining about the cellular data problems (of not been functional in some cases), iOS 6.0.1 update is expected to solve the issue, as well as bring the following reported bug fixes:

Improved Wi-Fi support;
Camera flash sometimes not going off when photos are taken;
Fix for horizontal lines appearing on the keyboard;
A bug with Microsoft Exchanges meetings getting canceled;
A bug affecting cellular data, and cellular data used with iTunes Match;
A Passbook security via the lockscreen issue.

If we consider the iOS 5 story, it’s quite likely that we’ll see this update be released shortly – as Apple rolled out the first bug fix update to its previous OS version just under a month. Have you experienced any other glitch with iOS 6 that we missed to mention in the list above? Do not hesitate to share your experience in the comments below.