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WordBoxer - The Most Competitive Word Game Ever!

After a two-week head-to-head struggle, the winner of our Free App Poll Is WordBoxer by WordBoxer VOF! This is probably one of the most challenging word games you’ve ever played against friends, random opponent or your device. The aim is to discover the knockout word by swiping the screen and fight yourself to a top ranking in your Boxing Club!

The incomplete list of WordBoxer features includes:
Compare your results to those of your friends in your Boxing Club.
Challenge your FaceBook friends from within WordBoxer!
Play in three different classes: Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight.
Chat with your opponent during the game.
Play multiple simultaneous games.
Get notifications when it’s your turn to play.
Check the definition of a played word in a single tap.

Due to the vocabulary difficulties, there may often be the situations in which you don’t agree with how WordBoxer judges a word. In this case it’s recommended that you go to MENU-REPORT WORD while the word in question is selected. This makes the game experience better, thus increases your chances of winning!

WordBoxer has just been updated to the latest version of V1.1.2, bringing number of improvements and bug fixes, including:

Full removal of email-address (replaced by user-provided "alias")
Added Spanish & Italian localization and dictionaries
Enhanced Twitter integration
Reset password from within WordBoxer
Fixed "multiple punches" bug when tapping punch glove multiple times in short time
Premium account is now linked to your device instead of WordBoxer account

The app is available in the App store for free and requires iOS 5.0 or later to be fully functional. Get WordBoxer now and become a part of the most competitive word game ever!!

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